Book Review – Beautifully Small by Sara Emslie

Book Review – Beautifully Small by Sara Emslie

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Beautifully Small
Sara Emslie
Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99
ISBN 9781849755528

This book of real-size interiors is the perfect inspiration for creating dolls’ houses because each of the rooms featured is from a small living space.

Small, boxy rooms may be an inconvenience in real life, but in dolls’ houses, that’s generally what we’re used to, making this book of stunning décor and top space-optimisation tips perfect when working in miniature.

The homes featured vary from London terraced houses, to Paris apartments, to Swedish studios, meaning that there’s plenty to inspire lots of different styles of contemporary dolls’ houses. The interiors featured are stylish, with lots of unique features that make them stand out and make the best use of space, and after gazing at the Paris apartment, I’m dying to create a dolls’ house with a mezzanine level!

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