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Win a set of KnitPro rainbow knit blockers!

Blocking is absolutely vital to getting a beautiful finish to our knits, transforming an unwieldy project that may have been travelling all over the globe in our handbags for weeks or months into a beautifully crafted finished object. These gorgeous rainbow blockers in packs of 20 are the perfect tool to match your perfect knitting. They come in two sizes – small with four pins and large with eight pins each.

We have 5 sets to giveaway, simply fill in your details below

Deadline: May 1

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  • Date 4 April 2019
  • Tags Competitions
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  1. BaryKayaply
    9 December 2019 at 6:30 pm · Reply

    It’s hornlike to bump experienced people on this content, but you good same you cognize what you’re conversation roughly! Thanks

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