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This issue of Knitting is all about body confidence and regaining control over what you wear and how you feel. Often the fashion world isn’t a very inclusive place and this month we wanted to focus on how the knitting community can be a safe body-positive space. With knitting there is no struggling to squeeze into sweaters or lying on the floor to try and get a jeans zip to fasten. When you knit, you can create something that fits you perfectly, whatever shape you are. We have 21 amazing knits that have been designed to be adjustable to any body shape. Including Jacinta Bowie’s Anna cardigan, which can be altered so that it sits perfectly to flatter any frame; Bronagh Miskelly’s Blossom kimono, which can be worn with or without the knitted sash; and Jo Allport’s Dorothy sweater which has an adjustable tie-front detail. Plus many more amazing inclusive designs, all photographed on a beautiful size 16 model. In Spotlight On we focus on 3 ways to ‘style it your way’ with some fantastic resources to adapt designs to fit your body, as well as some great high-street body-positive inspiration. We have a profile on designer and teacher Karie Westermann about the positive impact that knitting has had on her body image, and a fantastic guest column by podcaster and writer Kate O’Sullivan on how designers are working to be even more inclusive in their approach to different shapes, sizes and abilities. So with all that plus all our regular features, you’ll find plenty of reasons to keep you busy in the June issue of Knitting, out now!

Fancy a sneak-peek of this issue? Then check out some of the featured designs below:


Debra by Pat Menchini


Swallows by Camilla Ette Gotfredson


Kors La by Pat Strong


Blossom Kimono by Bronagh Miskelly


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  • Date 2nd May 2019
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