Making Pom Poms


To Make a Pom Pom…

You will need:

· Yarn in one or more colours
· Cardboard for templates (cereal packets are good)
· Sharp scissors for cutting yarn
550px -Make -a -Pom -Pom -Step -1
1. Draw round a circular object on the cardboard to make a template. Old CDs are a perfect size to make a big PomPom. Draw a smaller circle in the centre. A small roll of tape is a good size. Cut out the template and make a second one.
2. Place the two templates together. Cut two or three pieces of yarn about 4m long. You will discover over time what kind of length you like to work with. To make the PomPom quicker, you can work with two or three strands at once. They do not need to be the same colour.
629px -Make -a -Pom -Pom -Step -2
3. Wrap the yarn round the templates, going through the hole in the centre and over the outside edge. Cut more yarn as necessary and repeat until the hole in the centre is basically filled.
629px -Make -a -Pom -Pom -Step -3
4. Continue until the circle is covered completely. Put the scissors in between the two circles of the cardboard and cut open the wound thread or yarn around the outer edge.
629px -Make -a -Pom -Pom -Step -4
5. Draw a long piece of thread between the two circles. Tie and knot it firmly round the stitches that meet in the centre hole. Leave sufficiently long ends of thread hanging to form a loop by which the ball can afterwards be fastened to the heading of the fringe.
550px -Make -a -Pom -Pom -Step -5
6. Cut and pull out the cardboard once the stitches have been knotted together. Trim your pom pom so it is perfectly round and fluff up!

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  • Date 9 June 2016
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