Me-Cosy by Eline Oftedal


Me-Cosy by Eline Oftedal in Knitting 225
Me-Cosy by Eline Oftedale

Me-Cosy by Eline Oftedal

A final round of yoke decreases is worked after the chart is complete – this is missing from the pattern.
The pattern should read:
Size S ONLY omit rows 17, 30, 47, 48 and 49.
Size M ONLY omit rows 17, 47, 48 and 49.
Size L ONLY omit row 17.
Size XL work all rnds.
Work to end of Chart. 96[105:114:123] sts.
Next rnd: K1 in C, k1 in E, (k2togC, k1 in E) to last st, ktog last st of rnd with first st of next rnd. 64[70:76:82] sts. 

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  • Date 14 February 2022
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