Pattern update – Aghla by Bronagh Miskelly in Knitting issue 249


Pattern Update

In the Back section, after the initial rib is worked, the pattern should read as follows: Cont in st st, beg with a k row and using two strands of A, for 38[36:38:36:36][38:36:38:38:42] rows, then cut 1 strand of A and join in 1 strand of B. 

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  • Date 4 April 2024
  • Tags Pattern Updates
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  1. Felicia Spencer
    6 April 2024 at 2:12 pm · Reply

    I am struggling with the directions in the Front section:
    1) The two “Next row” directions seem to contradict each other. The first seem to be directions for decreasing 11 rows, then the second “Next row” is for increasing the same amount that was decreased in the previous section.
    2) I also don’t understand the directions “Cont. straight until [#} Lace Panel rows are complete. Does that mean to work 70 something rows at this point? Again, that seems to contradict the directions under “Shape Armhole” where it states the following: “Work straight until 10 full pattern reps are complete.”

    I am not a great knitter, but I have made several sweaters from various designers. For some reason I cannot make any sense out of these directions and I am stuck. I was thinking of just omitting the two sections that under the front that contradict each other since the end point is still the same number of stitches, and just work those 11 row straight without any increase or decrease. But I have no idea what is meant by the directions in my 2nd question. I don’t understand the difference between panel rows and regular rows. If I were to work 70 something rows at this point, that would be doubling the amount of rows in the previous two sections combined, and, looking at the image, I don’t believe that is accurate.

    I could really use some help clarifying these directions if possible. Thanks for any help.

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