Pattern update – Blanchette by Bronagh Miskelly in Knitting issue 235



Blanchette by Bronagh Miskelly

Blanchette by Bronagh Miskelly


Neck and shoulder shaping for Fronts should read as follows:

Work straight until one less than back to neck cast off.
Shape neck and shoulder

Next row (WS): Patt 21 [22:24:24:25:25:26:26:27:29:29:29] W&T
Next row: Patt to end
Next row: Patt 18 [18:19:19:20:20:20:20:20:21:21:21] W&T
Next row: Knit to end
Next row: P18 [18:19:19:20:20:20:20:20:21:21:21], place rem sts on holder for hood.
Next row: K9 [9:9:9:10:10:10:10:10:10:10:10] W&T
Next row: Purl.
Next row: K to end picking up and working wrap with stitch.

Place rem 18 [18:19:19:20:20:20:20:20:21:21:21] sts on separate holder for shoulder.



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  • Date 17 October 2022
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