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Designer, broadcaster and knitter Vickie Howell has just launched her 12th book and embarked on a new series of podcasts encouraging busy people to make time for creativity and crafts. We asked her 7 questions…


1. What is your most essential knitted accessory?
It depends on the season. I live in Texas where it is usually hot, so I would go for a bandana-style shawl. But I love a big chunky cowl and a slouchy beanie too.

2. What knitting tools can’t you do without?
I’m really loving my Clover Takumi bamboo adjustable set, and I don’t travel without it. I also really love individual project bags. My friend Tanis Gray ( makes some great ones, and I also really love the Chicken Boots bags (

3. Do you knit for pleasure?
I try. It is difficult, but I think it is really important to knit from other people’s patterns, especially as a designer. You can learn so much, and it reinvigorates my love for knitting. I have a cardigan I didn’t design on my needles right now. It is tough to fit it in, but I try to get a few stitches in when I can.

4. What inspires you?
I’m really inspired by film and music and my children –
I have two boys and a girl aged 16, 14 and almost seven.
Other inspirations are pop culture, daily life and fashion.

5. Who or what has had the biggest influence on your knitting designs?
Erika Knight. I think she is just the coolest. There is so much in this industry about complicated fussy design, and even though I have great appreciation for the artisanship of it, it is just not my jam, stylewise. Erika does an amazing job of being a well-respected, accomplished, trend-setting designer but keeping skill levels relatively intermediate and making gorgeous, cool and actually wearable things.

6. What do you do when you are not knitting?
I promote it. Most of my job these days is marketing and social media, and I am also a crochet designer. When I’m not working I love reading – I’m a big crime fiction, psychological thriller kind of gal. I also like listening to music, going to music shows and hanging out with the family. We are big movie buffs in our family, and that goes really well with knitting.

7. What trends are you seeing in knitting at the moment?
Right now the overall ethos is artisanal. There is so much mass-produced information and mass-produced product that [artisan products] are like finding a diamond in the rough. I look for that in wine when I can, and I absolutely look for that in yarn. It adds another layer to the experience. I’m still seeing big knits being a trend – on the runway and because of people’s schedules. And black and white is really big right now.


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