You’ll have to wait for Nateby


Readers who want to get hold of Eden Cottage Yarns’ sparkly Nateby 4 Ply, featured in Knitting 179, April 2018, will have to head to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival as all stock has been diverted to the extravaganza in the Scottish capital.

What’s left will go up on the website on March 23.

Prices in the magazine article were quoted without VAT – the full price is £20 per 100g hank and £22.20 for a bundle of five 20g mini-skeins.

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  • Date 8th March 2018
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  1. karen powell
    21st March 2018 at 5:32 pm · Reply

    oh how I would love to take 2 yrs and just travel from yarn show to yarn exhibit across the USA & UK. SO many festivals and so much yummy yarn. Of course I would need an unlimited budget to buy all the goodies, and lots of luggage to ship it all home to Canada. Such unique items and such great experiences from blogs that I read of ppl who do go to these events. The blog posts tell about the great conversations had and of lessons and skills that are learned. A girl can dream!

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