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This month’s issue is all about making do and mending and focuses on sustainable knits designed with longevity in mind. We have 27 beautiful vintage-inspired and on-trend patterns from our favourite designers that will challenge your knitting skills and provide a relaxing project for the start of the year. Including Abbey by Jacinta Bowie a stunning ski-style sweater that features lovely colourwork and pretty cables; Pleated Jacket by Camilla Ette Gotfredsen an elegant pleated rib-effect jacket with a fashionable frill around the waist and beaded detail; Gwen cardigan and scarf by Jo Allport is a stylish set that includes a modern button-up cardigan and matching lacey scarf; and Linear by Pat Menchini a modern three-quarter length sleeve jumper with stunning graduating lace panels that gives a stylish fit. We also have an exciting feature on Tom Van Deijen, also known as Tom of Holland who makes statements with his stunning visible mending program, and an extract from Kerstin Neumüller who shows us how you needn’t despair over a hole in your knits with Swiss darning techniques that will enhance your work. The February issue comes with a special Knitting and Wellness Workshop supplement that has been created in partnership with James McIntosh and Dr Thomas Ernst, authors of Knit and Nibble and founders of the art of Knititation, and is all about how you can get more from it, in mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. We’ve featured real-life stories, exercises and of course some knits – straightforward, cheering projects which between them offer the chance to exercise your brain, practise meditation over simple stitch patterns and get the satisfaction of a quickly finished object. So with all that plus our regular features, there is plenty to keep you busy in the February issue of Knitting magazine.

Fancy a sneak-peek of this issue? Then check out some of the featured designs below:

Pleated Jacket– Camilla Ette Gotfredson

Gwen scarf and cardigan– Jo Allport



Linear– Pat Menchini

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  • Date 8 January 2020
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