Technique: Pendants



Use a head pin to push through the mini Amigurumi and create a loop (see page 150). Add a jumpring (see page 149), and then attach to the ribbon. You can also use some chain, cord or leather thong if you prefer.

Attaching jumprings

Jumprings are attached to mini Amigurumi in the following way. Push a tapestry needle through the crochet stitches in the area you want the jumpring to sit. Then push an opened jumpring through the hole you have created, trying not to split the stitches. Carefully close the jumpring again.

Making a loop on a head or eye pin

making a loop_2

1) After adding your bead(s), cut the pin to leave approximately ¼in (6mm) of wire. Be careful when cutting, as the wire sometimes shoots off in odd directions.

making a loop_3

2) Using round-nose pliers, bend the wire at the angle shown. Curl the wire around the pliers to make a loop.

making a loop_4

3) You should have a neat loop at the end of your wire.


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